Di Gi Charat Wiki
Manga: Di Gi Charat
Anime: Di Gi Charat
Appears In: Manga, Anime, OVA, Game
Alternate Name(s): Di Gi Charat
Gender: Female
Age: 8 (Pilot Episode)
Birth date: 1 of december on 2087
Home Planet: Mars

Moon 51 Earth Mewni Time Space

Blood Type: B
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Green
Hobby: Species;Alien
Relationship: King Charat (father)
Queen Charat (mother)
Petit Charat (little sister)
Rinna Charat (cousin)
Mike Charat (cousin)
Unnamed aunt
Unnamed uncle
Grandma Charat (grandmother)
Grandpa Charat (grandfather)
Captain Bonaparte Treasure (Late Ancestor)
Lady Judy Treasure (Late Ancestor)
Princess Treasure (Ancestor,Possible Deceased)
Takuya and Yuri Charat (great uncles)
Fujitaka Charat (great-grandfather)
Maria Charat (great-grandmother)
Japanese CV: Asami Sanada (1999-2008; 2013-present)
Satomi Akesaka (2008)
English VA: Jessica Gee-George (1999 series, Leave It To Piyoko!)
Luci Christian (Panyo Panyo)
Chris Simms (Nyo!)

Di Gi Charat, usually shortened to Dejiko or Digiko, is the main character of the manga and anime of the same name created by Koge-Donbo. She is a princess of a planet that is also called Di Gi Charat. She is a catgirl which is highlighted by the fact that she ends each sentence with the cat sound 'nyo'. She can be violent at times and will resort to using her special ability, eye-beams, to inflict damage on others. She is close friends with her sidekick Puchiko who has a contrasting personality to that of Dejiko's. Dejiko can work vigorously when motivated but gives up easily when there is no incentive or if things become difficult. Dejiko is the company mascot of Gamers, a retail chain of Broccoli, the production company for Di Gi Charat. This character's name may be derived from the term "Doji-Ko", meaning a cheerful, cute yet careless girl.