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Yolei "Miyako" Usada es Akari La hermana pequeña de Usada, Ella es hija de la hermana de Akari Usada, Ella expresó por Miyuki Sawahiro,Romi Park,Hilary Haag & Howard Hoffman, Ella tiene un mes de edad y luego se encuentra con su hijo de 1 año y luego se convierte en un 2 años y 3 años de edad.

Miyako Usada






1 month and half (10.000 Leagues Under the Volcano)
0 (Birthday Bashed)
1 year & half (Little Ai)
2 (Fights in Space)
3 (Birthday Chaos)
4 years and Half (The Storm)
91 years and half (Growing Pains)

Voice Actor

Hilary Haag (baby in english)
Howard Hoffman (toddler in english)
Miyuki Sawahiro (Baby in Japanese)
Romi Park (Toddler in Japanese)
Alondra Hidalgo (Baby in Spanish)
Cristina Hernandez (Childhood in Spanish)




Akari Usada (mother,older sister)
Unnamed parents (deceased)
Hikaru Usada (godmother,cousin)
Gertrude Usada II (aunt,older sister)
Gertrude Usada I (aunt)
Mr.Usada (uncle)
Unnamed daughter (deceased)
Unnamed husband (deceased)
12 unnamed descendents great granddaughters (deceased)
Minawa Usada (ancestor,deceased)

Birth Date

31 of november of 2098

Place date

Usada Home,Hospital,Orphanage

Death Place

15 of april of 2199


Presumably Alived (Baby)
Presumably Deceased (Elderly)


Yolei es Akari Usada's little daughter sister,She appears in episode,10.000 Leagues Under The Volcano",She is crying like her sister or her mother.


Her sister mother is Akari Usada,her parents,her uncles,her cousin is named Hikaru Usada,She is a human sister daughter of Akari Usada.


She have friends appears,in mentioned Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat,She is mentioned from Hospital,She is not talking and later birth her talking about,She is orphan,her parents in accident a plane cracks her spaceship and her UFO,But is mentioned from The Planet Di Gi Charat ,She borns of the 21st Century,She borns in the year 2098,aged 1 month and half and later meets 1 year old,her like her mother sister,Mentioned in the 21st century B.C.Good Job appears in episode,Pilot Episode,Miyako was catched in her mother grandmother's belly.