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Alternate Name(s): Hikaru Usada (Real Name)
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Birth date: August 30th
Home Planet: Earth
Height: 164 cm (including heels)
Weight: Secret
Hair Color: Rose Pink
Eye Color: Rose Red
Relationship: Mr.Usada (Father)
Gertrude Usada I (Mother)
Juri Usada (1st Cousin,Deceased)
Koji Usada (Uncle,Deceased)
Gertrude Usada II (Cousin,Deceased)
Akari Usada (2nd Cousin)
Miyako Usada (Cousin)
Japanese CV: Kyoko Hikami (1999-2008; 2013-present)
Rieka Yazawa (2008)
English VA: Michelle Ruff (1999 series, Leave It To Piyoko!)
Carol-Anne Day (Nyo!)

Rabi~en~Rose (ラ・ビ・アン・ローズ), also known by her real name, Hikaru Usada (うさだ ヒカル) is revealed to the viewer to be Dejiko's rival. Her name was decided following a request for reader submissions, and may be a play on a number of things. "Rabi~en~Rose" may be a play on the common French saying "La Vie en Rose" which means "life in rose-pink". The Japanese expression "spend a life in rose-pink" means to spend a life without any worries. "Rabi" which resembles the English word "rabbit" replaced "La vie" to form a pun to mean "Rabbit in life without worries", which suggests her personality. Her real name is Hikaru Usada, which she hates being called. Her "Usada" surname also is a pun, as the "Usa" part is a shortening of the word "usagi", which means "rabbit" in Japanese. Her name is also meant to resemble the famous Japanese pop singer, Hikaru Utada.
In the original anime, she is seen as a normal girl who uses dice to transform into her bunnygirl outfit: a pink, white and red dress with large white rabbit ears and a large round cotton tail. Her parents left her to live on her own in an attempt to help her become an idol. Rabi~en~Rose does not end her sentences with a rabbit sound (typically pyo in anime) and is the only character with kemonomimi animal traits other than Rik. Ky, and Coo in the Di Gi Charat franchise not to do so.




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